Sage - Business Intelligence

Gain Greater Control Over Your Business

Strategically plan for growth and change with tools that help you identify key trends and patterns. Spot innovation opportunities and identify productivity and growth improvements in every area of your business.

Effectively Analyse Critical Business Information

Share business data across your organisation using powerful analytical tools, helping you make an informed decision.

Sage - Business Intelligence

Improved Insight

The dashboards, which are also accessible online, provide you with great visibility allowing you to drill down to additional information.

Build Your Own Reports

Use charts and graphs to bring your business data to life.  Easily change report fields to obtain key information such as Profit and Loss by cost centre and department, sales by customer by month, stock valuation for the last 3 months, trend in overdue orders, stock movements by product group and much more.

Benefit from Greater Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps you identify trends in customers and products and understand any variations. Using different benchmarks, you can measure performance and analyse data and connections between different parts of your business.

  • View key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Minimum risk business growth plan
  • Focus on additional revenue opportunities
  • Find out where productivity can be improved
  • Respond to changing business conditions

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