Sage - Financials

See the Financial Position of Your Company at Any Point In Time

Analysing historical trends and data provides you with the accurate information required to make critical business decisions.

Interactive Dashboards

The interactive dashboards for sales, purchases, sales orders and financials give you an even  greater view of your business health.

Sage Dashboard

Flexible Nominal Code Structure

Set up departments and cost centres as well as profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow reporting. You also have the option to group accounts solely for reporting purposes. Make adjustments to previous year journals and roll changes forward to ensure your accounts are up to date.

Fixed Assets

The ‘fixed assets’ register allows you to effectively record assets and manage depreciation with either straight line or reducing balance methods. This can be viewed via a new workspace or select from two reports for details and valuation.

Fast Track Your Financials

Eliminate error and save yourself time by connecting Sage 200cloud with your bank account, no more tedious task of re-keying bank payments. 

Accurate Finances

Up to the minute finances allow the precision that your business needs. Track your budgets, drill down into data and deal with your VAT submissions.

Flexible Accounting Periods

Take control of your accounting periods, Sage 200c allows up to 20 accounting periods which you can open, close and re-open as required. You can control the length of each period and plan ahead by setting up your period structures for future years.

Cash Flow Management

Easily manage your cash flow with Sage 200cloud ensuring you are up to date with the latest company information at your fingertips.

Automated Statements

Save yourself time by setting up processes which allow you to send statements directly to customers.

Check Your Balances

See your balances at a glance using simple enquiries or workspaces, an easy to use data management tool.


Maintain cashflow easily with a view of all outstanding customer payments and invoices. See details of the day they are paid, frequency, number of payments made, number still to pay and much more.

VAT Flexibility

Choose either VAT inclusive or exclusive prices. Built in online VAT submissions ensure you comply with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) regulations.

Batch Data Upload

Enter a batch of journals and place transactions on hold for authorisation before committing them to the nominal ledger.


Advanced Multi-Currency Options

Easily manage all your foreign currency trading, including exchange rate changes and their impact on business finances across all ledgers and cash book. Transfer money from one bank account to another between currencies to maximise interest earned and minimise overdraft charges.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile bank statements alongside your banking software to save yourself time and eliminate human error. Reconcile statements with payment and receipt details, record discrepancies, transactions and charges all in one place.

Detailed Reports

With Sage 200cloud you can produce detailed reports by region, industry type, sales representative, customer rating, partner, account manager and much more. Easily allowing you to forecast and budget for customers, suppliers and projects.

Learn How Changes Impact Your Cashflow

See an accurate view of your financial status based on actuals and budgets for up to 5 years.  See your short and long-term cash position and quickly learn how unexpected delays and expenses can affect your cashflow.

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