Sage - Project Accounting

Manage Your Projects

With Sage 200cloud you can control costs and maximise profit by understanding the detail of each and every project that you manage.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Creating more accurate bills by accumulating and allocating project costs, overheads and revenues. Collect information from timesheets and expenses online wherever you may be, saving time and ensuring accurate payments.

By helping you understand each project's income and expenditure, Sage 200cloud supports your decision making and provides you with the information you need to improve profitability.

Work the Way Your Business Does

  • Allow project managers to raise and authorise purchase orders, giving them greater control
  • Establish project structures with unlimited parent and sub projects
  • Name and set up fields to suit your business needs
  • Add and define an unlimited number of additional fields
  • Get the right information to the right people with workspaces designed for different users
  • Integrate accounting, sales and purchase order processing and sage payroll with project accounting

Take a Unique Look at Your Projects

Make the most of your time by tracking multiple time and material-based projects, fixed price contracts or a mix of both. To save time and reduce administration costs, you can share information with other areas of your business.

For example, convert sales orders and quotes into projects whilst ordering and allocating stock for these projects. Alternatively, you can track time and resources and link the results to Sage Payroll.

Conduct Accurate and Flexible Billing

  • Flexible project and customer billing schedules, showing when a customer should be invoiced and for how much
  • Easy to use templates that simplify billing management
  • Production of manual or automatic bills to save time and effort
  • Detailed breakdown of all project costs, enabling project managers to monitor accuracy, reduce the risk of complaints and encourage prompt payment

Work In Progress (WIP)

Businesses that manage projects or charge on a time basis need to be able to see the true profitability of a project.

Work In Progress (WIP) enables you to post costs to the associated nominal codes and display costs as finalised along with revenues posted to the P&L; giving you more control over your project costs.

Sage - Project Accounting Process Map

Manage Your Resources Effectively

Sage 200cloud can easily capture the information you need if your projects involve charging for people's time.

  • Capture time sheet information and expenses via batch entry or remotely online
  • Create authorisation processes to ensure that timesheets and expenses are accurate before they are entered
  • If required, pay and work with contractors the same way as suppliers
  • Analyse expenditure by employee or contractor and by type of work and/or project
  • Reduce errors and the need to re-key information by sharing employee and timesheet detail with payroll
  • View, authorise and print timesheets and expenses online

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