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Providing cost effective IT solutions for more than 20 years

From Small Beginnings

Based in the UK but operating in over 40 countries, Cynetix provide a variety of IT services to companies ranging in size from small offices to multinationals. Our dedicated team of qualified engineers provide the highest level of tailored support services using our state of the art web based helpdesk support systems, voice calls and site visits.

Wherever you are and whatever your IT need you can always be sure that help is at hand with Cynetix.

Early 1990's

Engine Computers was founded in 1994 by Simon Paterson and Jane Pugh, with only a thousand pounds of capital. From the beginning the aim was to provide high quality services and low prices. The business plan was to build and supply PCs and components for the local area with hopes to expand to the rest of the UK within a year. Each PC was supplied with a detailed manual manual2manual3manual4with simplified help for new users which was quite unique at the time.

The PC build area was originally a small desk at the back of the shop and builds were undertaken through the night after closing. The shop was based in a small town called Tickhill in South Yorkshire, UK. Demand for the computers was high and Engine expanded rapidly, taking on the vacant offices upstairs as a build area. Adverts were placed in national magazines like Micromart and Computer Shopper and sales grew.

Late 1990's

Engine's PC sales continued to increase and the adjacent shop was leased and converted into a much larger workshop and store with the upstairs office becoming an office for admin and support. It was during this same period that many of the business clients started demanding more business oriented services such as servers, networking and maintenance. The company searched for a highly experienced engineer who could fulfil the challenging role of supporting business customers.

A second company, called FX4, was established in late 1996 with Jon Sanderson joining as Technical Director. Jon had a huge amount of experience as a field engineer but also with electronics, programming and support services for national companies. FX4 was to provide dedicated network and IT support to schools and businesses in the Sheffield, Doncaster and Nottingham areas. Another office was rented in the same block for the new support staff. A year later, as FX4 also started to grow, Lyndsey Ives joined the company as the first true field engineer.

Both companies continued to flourish and in 1999 Steven Tweed was employed by Engine Computers as the Sales Manager.

Early 2000's

As the companies progressed it became evident that they overlapped in certain key areas and the decision was made to amalgamate them to form Cynetix Group LTD, continuing the philosophy of the best service at the lowest possible price. Lyndsey Sanderson (née Ives) became the company’s Engineering Director and Steven Tweed became the Sales Director.

The company grew organically and simply ran out of space in the Tickhill offices. In 2002 the company was moved to much larger premises in Maltby, a small mining town only a few miles from Tickhill. Due to increasing demand for bespoke software, Cynetix added software development to its extensive portfolio of services. A year later Cynetix started offering design services which included both print and digital media.

Late 2000's

Despite the economic climate Cynetix expanded its services rapidly, staffing levels grew to accommodate increased workloads and by 2010 Cynetix provided support services in more than 25 countries around the world.

The software development and design teams were merged to form the Web Design and Development department.


In 2010 Cynetix launched its Stormwall firewall system after more than a year in development and testing. Stormwall is a unified threat management system and was developed in order to streamline network services. Small and powerful, Stormwall has proved a success and is protecting networks throughout the world.

2015 to Present

In September of 2015 the company moved from their rented units in Maltby to a wholly owned 2 storey office block in Barlborough, Derbyshire. The move was needed to accommodate current and future growth and to provide a significantly better working environment and facilities for staff with substantial improvements to our already outstanding support systems.

In 2016, following an increase in demand for our bespoke programming services and hosting facilities, we expanded our programming team and doubled our data centre capacity.