Selected Solutions to Suit You

We are committed to providing your company with the best possible IT solutions. We have chosen select products that will make you more productive and help you to keep your IT simple.

Microsoft 365

Always keep your desktop up to date with Microsoft 365; whether you are in or out of the office you will always have access via the cloud. Microsoft 365 also gives you the ability to use multiple devices per account whilst spreading the cost by paying a monthly subscription.

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Cloud Backup

As a Veeam Partner and decades of IT Support experience Cynetix are able to provide you with the right backup solution for the right price. With backup solutions covering all major operating systems as well as the ability to backup other cloud solutions, such Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

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Whether you are already using a Sage product or looking for a new business management system; Cynetix can help support you in seamlessly migrating to Sage 200cloud.

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Stormwall is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance which brings together a host of services and functions designed to protect your network. Housed within one single unit, Stormwall simplifies and greatly reduces the cost of deploying these services and functions separately. Stormwall is an all-inclusive network security product. Stormwall is the only Firewall your company will ever need.

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We wanted to provide our clients with a feature packed, reliable and cost-effective telephone solution; which is why we have partnered with Grandstream. Offering a broad range of phones including Wi-Fi, corded and cordless we guarantee we have the solution to suit you. We also provide a softphone app, giving you the ability to make and receive calls on any Android device, anywhere in the world. We offer both an on premise and cloud version so that we can ensure we are providing you with the most cost effective solution for your business.

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Choosing the right antivirus protection is vital in ensuring your network and the computers attached are fully protected. We recommend a number of high quality antivirus and antimalware products, the exact recommendation and specification would come from your own unique requirements and current business practices. One thing of which you can be sure, Cynetix will ALWAYS give you the best, most honest advice regarding a specific issue. Ensure you don’t get infected, let Cynetix prescribe the right antivirus solution for your business.

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As part of our core services we are proud to offer CCTV solutions from our partner Videcon. The reasons behind using CCTV are wide and varied, for business the reasons usually come down to detection, identification and protection.

Choosing the right solution for your CCTV needs can be daunting. Let Cynetix take the stress out of the equation – our specialist engineers can visit and survey the proposed plan and offer our expert advice.

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Salsys CRM

Introducing Salsys – CRM Sales System based on open source software and further developed by Cynetix. Having spent much time helping to fix problems relating to CRM systems and their shortcomings we decided to create our own custom made CRM that can be developed and used from a single user to 2000 users. Salsys CRM enables customers to experience a highly capable and bespoke CRM system costing less than a cup of coffee per day per person.

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Door Entry

As a Grandstream partner we are able to provide our clients with a cost effective, reliable Facility Access System. This dedicated audio and/or video intercom solution fully integrates with the full Grandstream portfolio. Monitor and manage access to any office or building with the GDS series of Facility Access Systems.

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