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As an advocate of privacy we have tried to keep our data collection and cookies to a minimum, but where we have used them they are for site functionality or in order to help us run the website and our business.

We don't run 3rd party adverts on our site, there are no video players recording your viewing habits, nor are there or any social media plug-ins tracking you from page to page and site to site. The only things we do are:

  • If you select yes or no, we store your response in a cookie
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Why do we want to let Google gather information?

Google Analytics (the worlds most popular website analytics tool and probably running on every site you visit today), enables us to see which of our pages are most popular and how people find them. That way when we run an advertising campaign, or add new content to the site, we can see how popular it is.

All the information stored within the Google Analytics is anonmysed so we have no way of finding out anything personal about the people visiting our site.

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If you wish to change your mind later on you can do so by selecting "My Privacy & Cookie Control" from the bottom of the website. You will also be able to see the time and date of your last decision, if it's recorded.

Please be aware that the only information stored about your choice is which option you chose and the date and time of that choice. This information is stored on your computer and is only visible to you.

Please read both of our policies for more information about the cookies we use and our commitment to your privacy.

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Providing cost effective IT solutions for more than 20 years

Low Cost, Reliable Hosting Solutions

Cynetix is a direct hosting provider and can therefore provide you with space on our own dedicated servers. We carefully balance the workload on our servers to ensure that your online presence is maintained and sustained at optimal levels.

Our servers all reside in dedicated data centres within the European Union for better Search Engine Optimisation scores. These data centres sit on very fast internet connections providing scope for even high bandwidth hosting such as media websites. What's more, as our servers are dedicated, there are NO data limits whatsoever. Your site can be in constant use streaming videos and music and all you pay is your annual renewal.

So Cynetix has the dedicated servers, it has those servers located within the EU, they are on the end of very fast internet connections, they have no data limits so what else could Cynetix offer? Expertise. Cynetix is an IT Support and Website Design company, we have the skills and knowledge to trace and fix any issue you may have with your hosting.

Cynetix is always on top of emerging situations by constantly keeping our servers updated and making sure all the software is not only up to date but set-up in a way to provide the maximum amount of security to both you and any customers that may be accessing your website.

Website Hosting

The majority of Cynetix hosting is to host the website we have created for our clients. It is usually beneficial to have a Cynetix website on a Cynetix hosting platform as it means we can provide you with exactly the site you want using exactly the technologies it needs.

Unlike many other companies Cynetix own or rent every server we use. This means that we have full control over the managing of your site and services.

Cynetix website hosting starts at £65+VAT per annum.

Cynetix Email Hosting

You can either join our many happy customers accessing emails as part of their website hosting package, or move your local email into the cloud.

Due to the sheer amount of options and scope available here please contact us for more information.