IT Security

Our Focus is Your Security

At Cynetix your safety is our top priority. All of our products and services are designed with security at their core.

Our firewall system, Stormwall, provides the ultimate in secure connection solutions with intrustion prevention and detection, packet inspection, content control, antivirus, anti-spam and many other features. Many of our support services proactively monitor your security and alert our staff when breaches are attempted. Our software developers incorporate the latest security developments using industry best practice models in all software solutions. Our software support contracts ensure that any software developed by Cynetix is analysed against the latest security models and, when appropriate, modified to combat emerging threats.

When designing websites security can be even more important since websites are visibly exposed to the world. Coupled with a support contract, Cynetix industry standard CMS solutions such as Joomla, Wordpress and others provide a high level of security along with a cost effective website management solution. For those customers requiring the ultimate in secure websites Cynetix provide fully bespoke website solutions.

Standalone IT Security Services

Cynetix provide virtually all types of IT related security services. Our service usually begins with a free consultation to discuss your requirements or concerns. This is followed by a complete analysis of the problem and a quotation for the work required.

It is nearly impossible to cover all aspects of the security we provide but our services include:

  • Network infrastructure including firewalls, network switches and wireless connectivity
  • User and PC security
  • Both internal and external servers and data storage
  • Full 3rd party software security checks
  • Communication systems analysis
  • 3rd party website code and hosting analysis


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