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Here, you will find information on what cookies may be set when you visit the Cynetix website and how to reject or delete them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device by the websites you visit. They allow websites to recognise your device and know if you have visited the website before.

Cookies are a well-known web technology; widely used in order to make websites work, provide more functions, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to website owners. Cookies can also be used to measure which parts of a website people visit and customise their experience.

The cookies that are generated on the Cynetix website help us to monitor and improve the website's performance, whilst remaining non-intrusive in nature.

The cookies that are generated on the website store no personally identifiable data and pose no security risk to visitors.

You can choose whether to accept or reject cookies automatically or manually in the settings of your browser software.

More information about cookies can be found here:


From time to time we may make changes to this Cookie Policy and/or the cookies we use and the way we use them. It is your responsibility to check our Cookie Policy to make sure you are up to date with any changes.

After 30 days of confirming our Cookie Policy we will request you re-confirm you are happy with how we use cookies.


If you have any questions or concerns about cookies, or your privacy when using this site, that aren't covered in this policy, or our Privacy policy please get in touch.

Our Cookies

Cynetix use cookies to collect information about how visitors use our website.

All of the information we collect is anonymous, meaning our cookies don't identify anyone as an individual and no personal information is stored in the cookies we generate. We always use the information collected in a responsible way, helping to enhance the performance of our website.

Here is a list of the cookies generated on the Cynetix website:

Cookie Name Purpose of the Cookie
Random alphanumeric string This is a session cookie generated by our CMS. It helps us keep track of how popular our pages are on our website.
CYN_GDPR This cookie records your preference to accepting our cookies or not. This cookie is set to expire 30 days after you accept or decline our cookies.

Third Party Cookies

Some cookies on the Cynetix website are not generated by Cynetix, but instead by the services which we use on our website. These cookies are generated by third party websites/code and as such we don’t control the settings of these cookies.

Because of the third party nature there may be tracking contained within them that we don't know about or control, therefore we recommend that you visit the third party website that has generated them for more information.

Here is a list of the third party cookies generated by 3rd parties when you are on

Cookie Name Purpose of the Cookie
Alphanumeric string with special characters Part of the Google reCaptcha service used on our contact forms to help reduce spam - Their privacy policy can be read here
_ga Part of Google Analytics used throutout our site to assist us in understanding user behavior and to help us improve the website and marketing - Their privacy policy can be read here

The cookies that are generated on the Cynetix website store no personally identifiable information and pose no security risk to you.

3rd Party Connections

Certain elements of the content on our site are loaded from 3rd parties. These help us provide content, style the website, or provide information on how our visitors use the website..

Connection Purpose of connection
Google We use Google to provide us with the following services: Analytics (see Third Party Cookies), reCaptcha (see Third Party Cookies), YouTube videos within the content (when not hosted on the Cynetix website), the font(s) used to display the text content on the site and maps.
FontAwesome Font awesome provides most of the icons used on our website both as part of the interface and in the content.

Cynetix Advertising

You may see Cynetix adverts on other websites when using the internet. These adverts may use third party cookies which monitor how users interact with the adverts. These adverts are placed by third parties and the cookies, if used, help them to monitor the adverts performance. Cynetix is not responsible for how these third party systems work, what cookies they use, or what data they collect.

Controlling Cookies

Cookies can be managed in your browser. Information relating to how you can customise the, most common browsers, handling of cookies can be read here:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox



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