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Introducing Salsys CRMThe Cynetix CRM solution
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Salsys CRM

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Win and retain more customers using Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Introducing Salsys CRM - The Cynetix CRM solution

Salsys CRM is our proven system that can really make a difference in how you gain and retain customers and grow your business with each of them.

The key word here is ‘relationship’ – it’s only by developing and strengthening your relationships with every customer and prospect that you will win their trust and be responsive to their needs… every time.

Right now, can you say that your company is managing its customer relationships?

Does each person in your organisation who is involved with a specific account have access to all the relevant info about that customer?

How are you tracking and following up prospects? Do you know who last called a specific customer? And when? And what the outcome was? Do you know your conversion rates? Are your sales forecasts accurate? Do you make sales forecasts?? Are you spotting trends in demand?

So many questions! You can answer these and many, many more by using a well-designed CRM system.

CRM image 1

Why invest in a CRM system?

The question is not, “Can my business afford it?”, but “Can my business afford NOT to have it?”

The missed opportunities, the info not shared between teams, the trends not spotted – there are so many “if only” moments if your business isn’t using a CRM system.

The problem we all face is not a lack of data; it’s too much of it, unnoticed in individual inboxes, spreadsheets and documents. To join up your business so that everyone is working to the same goal of total customer satisfaction – this can only be achieved by having a well-designed CRM system.

With licenses for Salsys CRM starting at just £19+VAT per user/month, Contact Us to find out why you should invest now.

Why choose Salsys CRM?

Salsys CRM - VTE Forcast

Put simply, it’s not just an out-of-the-box product. Salsys CRM is based on open source software which can then be customised by our in-house developers to meet your organisation’s specific requirements. It’s a cost-effective, proven system which can be tailored to your needs.

Cynetix provides ongoing training, support and customisation as your company and CRM needs grow.

  • Choose from Salsys Local or Salsys Cloud, depending on the level of flexibility of access that you require, see more info below.
  • Then choose the features you require – the table below lays out clearly the different functions you can opt into.

Choosing, installing and running a CRM system will enhance every part of your business… but only with the correct training and implementation.

We can organise a demo to show you how Salsys CRM can be the cost-effective, tailored CRM solution for your business.

Can you afford to wait?

Contact us today about stepping up to Salsys CRM

Salsys CRM Options and Customisation

Salsys CRM - Kanban ViewCynetix offers two different versions of Salsys.

Salsys Cloud is our standard hosted CRM service. We provide access to the system in the cloud through your internet connection. This version of Salsys is provided on a monthly, per user, subscription basis.

The second version is called Salsys 3 and is installed locally for your organisation on your own servers.

Both versions come with our full support service. Both versions can be customised to suit each business needs from a simple single user sales system, which is used to keep track of products and leads, to a full blown 1000 user system with additional bespoke features.

Almost all companies’ requirements change over time as you develop new ideas, new products and plans for the future. This is where Salsys can really shine as our design and development team can work with you to keep adapting Salsys to your business needs.

Which type of Salsys CRM should I choose?

Choosing the right type of deployment will come down to your unique requirements as a business and we are happy to offer advice, generally speaking unless you require a lot of customisation and have many users, the cloud based service will be more than sufficient for your CRM needs.

Salsys Cloud – A subscription-based service providing access to a cloud based bespoke CRM system which is tailored to your company’s requirements. Prices vary depending on users and features needed.

Salsys Local – Bespoke custom installation at your premises or in your data centre, one time cost to setup and configure with ongoing maintenance support. This can be a cost effective solution for larger companies.

What are the differences in packages?

We have developed a number of options that we feel will allow our clients to choose the most suitable package for them. This ensures you don’t pay for unneeded services and allows for upgrading in the future should your business needs change.

Salsys Local - The On Premises Salsys CRM

Why on-premises?

For some business it may be beneficial to choose a in house CRM solution, the reasons for this usually boil down to a few basic questions like:

  • Do you need to keep your data specifically in the UK?
  • Are you happy with sensitive data including legal and financial being sent to a 3rd party?
  • Would you prefer a lower total cost of ownership over the long term?

Other reasons you may choose to go for a local on premises version of Salsys are things like:

  • Not affected by external connectivity issues
  • Able to utilise in house IT resources to help manage the CRM
  • Stay in control of costs should the cost of a license increase
  • Ability to choose upgrade schedule where applicable
  • Retain ownership of all customer data
  • Make use of existing IT infrastructure

For most organisations the Cloud version is the easiest and quickest way to propel your companies sales and marketing without the need for a larger initial investment of capital.
If you are unsure or have any questions please contact us here and speak to one of our sales advisors who can help make the right decision.

What exactly do I need in order to run my own Salsys installation on premises?

  • Linux Server: Ubuntu 16+, PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7+
  • 4GB RAM, 20GB HDD (min)

Get in touch with us for more information and pricing.

Any Device / Any Where - Salsys Cloud

In addition to the items included above you can also choose from a selection of additional options below. We have grouped them into tailored packages (plans) designed for different size businesses. We have tried to include items in each plan that compliment each other and provide the level of service you need from Salsys without having to pay for things you won’t use.

However, if you find something you would like in another plan let us know as we may be able to create you a customised package.

£19 per user/month
no minimum users
Compare Plans
£39 per user/month
minimum 2 users
Compare Plans
Business +
£79 per user/month
minimum 5 users
Compare Plans

Salsys Cloud - Compare The Plans

£19 per user/month
£39 per user/month
£59 per user/month
£79 per user/month
Invoice templates 0 1 10 10
Sales order templates 1 10 10
Purchase order templates 1 10 10
Quote templates 1 10 10
Custom fields 5 10 20 Unlimited
Tag cloud
Lead scoring
Storage per user 1GB 2GB 5GB 5GB
Purchase order
Sales order
Custom workflows
Web forms
Service contracts
Price books
Phone system integration
Outlook/Gmail plugin
Google Drive integration
Professional reports
Email marketing
Google address lookup
Tooltip manager
SLA policy list
Email parser
Sales forecast
Auto/Pre-fill fields
Predictive fields
Hide empty fields
Integrated IM chat
Google Maps routing
Email conversation view
Realtime field calculations
Custom login page
Export audit logs
Export to Excel
Quick edit (related records)
Custom expenses
Box.com integration
Convert quote/invoice/order to project
Custom layouts, forms & views
Time tracker + Billing integration
Individual outgoing mail server
Related record update
Activity reports (summary)
Create asset from PO
Rollup/calculate fields
Label editor
Advanced menu manager
Conditional alerts
Dynamic blocks
Masked fields (predefined formats)
Calendar popup/preview
Enhanced security features
Payments + Auth.net
Authorize.net integration
Multi user assignment
Drag and drop documents
Quote/Invoice/Order templates
Round robin assignment
Advanced custom fields
Progress bar
Gallery/Slideshow view
Knowledge base
Global search feature
Custom module builder user interface
Summary widgets
Duplicate check & merge
Timeline change log
Conditional layouts
Coloured views
Customised item details on sales orders
QuickBooks integration
Easy item lookup
Custom headers
Convert field blocks into Tab
Enchanced schedular/calendar view
Custom layouts
Kanban view
Activity pop ups
Custom buttons
Related blocks/lists
Advanced comments
£19 per user/month
no minimum users
£39 per user/month
minimum 2 users
£59 per user/month
minimum 5 user
£79 per user/month
minimum 5 user

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