Pay As You Go Support

All the Expertise Without The Contracts

Our Pay As You Go IT support is ideal for companies that would like to evaluate the type of support Cynetix can provide without committing to a support contract. Our Pay As You Go support can also be used in a completely ad-hoc way to cover staff absences, as an aid to internal IT support or for smaller companies that simply do not need a full support contract. We offer two types of Pay As You Go support, Full Ad-hoc and block booking.

Full Ad-hoc

Ad-hoc support provides access to our engineering department during normal working hours for emergency or scheduled work. This can be either on site or via remote systems such as telephone or desktop connection. There is a minimum 1 hour charge per call out, any additional time required is charged in 15 minute intervals.

Type of Support RequiredMinimum timeCost per hour
IT Engineer1 hour£85
Website Designer1 hour£65
Programmer1 hour£110
All prices are +VAT

Block Booking

Support hours can pre-purchased in blocks of 10 or more. The hours will be allocated against your account and can be drawn in minimum 15 minute segments.

Type of Support RequiredMinimum timeCost per hour
IT Engineer10 hours£70
Website Designer10 hours£55
Programmer10 hours£90
All prices are +VAT

Site Visits

For site visits travelling time is charged as follows:

  • Within a 5 mile radius - Free of charge
  • Within a 90 mile radius - Charged at your hourly rate but capped at one hour maximum
  • Over a 90 mile radius - Charged at £0.45 / mile
  • Outside the UK - Contact us for more information

To purchase or discuss Pay as You Go Support please do not hesitate to contact us.

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