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Providing cost effective IT solutions for more than 20 years

Creative Thinking

Cynetix has extensive experience in producing visually stunning, highly usable and accessible websites. Our previous website design work includes both Internet and corporate Intranet sites.

With our in-house programming team, any type of website design can be produced ranging from basic homepages to fully integrated e-commerce sites connected to internal automated picking systems.

At Cynetix we pride ourselves in our innovative and exciting designs. We are able to design websites based on your existing artwork and mesh that with our template designs or even tailor a completely new site with brand new artwork if you prefer.

With prices starting at around £250 you will also find us incredibly good value for money.

For more information, including information on how you can work directly with our in-house design team. Please see our main website section.

Audio & Visual Design

Cynetix provide full audio and video post-production facilities in house. Cynetix's design team can edit and add special effects to all types of video from simple text overlays to more advanced motion tracking effects using the very latest Adobe Creative Suite video editing technology. Our audio facilities includes re-syncing, pitch correction, filtering, noise removal and many other types of work.

Cynetix has worked extensively with clients who require instructional videos for their hardware and software systems both for internal and end-user use. Cynetix can provide all aspects of the training or instructional video with scripts, voice overs by in house and celebrity presenters, UI design and so on.

For more information please get in touch with us.

Corporate Design

Cynetix have over 10 years of experience in providing full corporate design services. Our portfolio of work ranges from the creation of a new company logo to a full re-imaging package covering logos, stationery, signage, artwork for vans and lorries, adverts, fliers and, of course, websites.

For more information please contact us.