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The common misconception about these 2 complimenting technologies is that they are interchangeable, however a good protection system should include both of these different technologies and here is why:

Antivirus protection is aimed at detecting and preventing a piece of code that is capable of copying itself in order that it can do damage to the device it is running on. Antimalware is a blanket term used to define a variety of malicious software such as adware, ransomware, spyware, trojans and worms – it can also be used to describe a virus.

What's the Difference to Me?

Antivirus software usually is required in order to prevent known viruses from infecting your computer, your server and your network. If any of these viruses were to infect a computer on your network then you could be quickly and devastatingly affected, and in some cases almost beyond repair. Therefore it is vital that you have up to date antivirus on every machine that has network access.

Antimalware software normally compliments antivirus by stopping zero day infections and malware. This means that they focus on new and evolving malware that may be delivered by zero-day exploits. The updates are generally more frequent and it runs faster even allowing protection whilst browsing potentially dangerous websites. Antimalware will often warn and protect you against the latest threats even if the threats themselves are relatively unknown. Having both types of protection is desirable to prevent against all manner of attacks and exploits.

What Products do you Recommend?

We recommend a number of high quality antivirus and antimalware products, the exact recommendation and specification would come from your own unique requirements and current business practices. One thing of which you can be sure, Cynetix will ALWAYS give you the BEST, most HONEST advice. Whether that means you should buy the latest ESET NOD32 Antivirus or the latest Avira Security Suite, the decision will be made on your requirements and the abilities of the software to reach those requirements - not blind devotion to a brand or technology.

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