A Festive Christmas with Microsoft 365

Published: 5th December 2022

Christmas is a time of giving, and Microsoft 365 has lots of resources to aid you in your generosity. From gift tags to calendars, here is a look at what you can do for Christmas with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Templates

Open any Office application and instead of opening a blank document, click on the ‘more templates’ link under the selection offered. Type into the search bar the word Christmas or Holiday and your results will list beneath. The selection can range from Christmas cards to calendars and any number of engaging projects.

Christmas Cards

Personalising your Christmas cards is easy when you are printing them yourself. You can never find the right card with the words you want to convey anyhow! Plus, you could save a fortune on cards by using the templates, and you can print off a mail merge with your Christmas card list in either Excel or Outlook! The templates allow you to add your photos and own drawings, so you can really make the cards personal.


Gift tags are a breeze with Publisher or Word, again personalising your merry message is perfect for your recipients to feel special. Plan your Christmas presents list on Excel, and you can update with presents received, making it easier to remember who to thank for what gift. Secret Santa’s are easier to plan when you use an Excel spreadsheet, and with these festive templates it really brings out the jovial spirit.

Get together From Afar

Don’t Spend Christmas Alone

MS Teams is not just for boardroom meetings! Gathering your clan online is easy, you can send an email invite so everyone comes online at the same time. No need for anyone to feel isolated. Use PowerPoint to compile quizzes or the built in Whiteboard to collaborate on activities such as pin the tail, or decorate the tree! MS Teams has been working away with new updates, one of which; the together mode option to have you all on the same screen.

Entertainment and Christmas Parties

Keeping the kids quiet on Christmas eve with dots to dot or colouring pages, printed from your Microsoft 365 suite. Search for Family activities on the templates page. Print out Gingerbread men, or Christmas stars, string them onto a line as a pretty banner.

If you are planning an office party, then using the party planner templates will see you off to a organised start. Party hats or Crowns can be printed and folded and taped to size.

Menus and recipe cards can be found too, both with or without the Christmas theme. If you are doing a buffet, then printing some labels and sticking to cocktail sticks means people will know what food items are which.

The Big Day

On Christmas day, Office 365 can help you with various tasks. Such as planning the timing of your dinner on Excel. Or make table placeholders in Publisher. Paper napkin holders are easy to print, and even festive paper table settings. You can print labels for your leftovers before popping them in the fridge, making sure you know when to eat them.

New Year Celebration

Calendars and Social Media planners are perfect for kicking your New Year into gear. Templates for these can also be found in your Office 365 applications. Or will 2023 be the year to invest in a CRM system?

If you would like more help over the Christmas period then we are available on an ad hoc basis or under your support contract.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all at Cynetix

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