Black Friday Deals for Your IT

Published: 18th November 2022

There is no doubt that Black Friday will see many deals across the internet. In the area of IT Black Friday deals are some of the most desired. Discounted hardware and software are hard to resist especially when running a business. It is not unheard of to find half price laptops! Making it an exciting time to shop.

Black Friday History

The season starts with the fourth Friday in November, after the Thanksgiving holiday and runs up to Christmas. This year that is the 25th of November.

The term Black Friday supposedly derives from the concept that businesses operate at an economic loss, or are “in the red,” until the day after Thanksgiving, when the heavily discounted sales allow them to turn a profit or put them “in the black.”

Traditionally in the UK, the name Black Friday was given to the last Friday before Christmas. It is when the already stretched emergency services are attending to revellers out with their last parties before the Christmas break. However, from around 2010 Amazon and other American giants started offering Black Friday deals in the UK. Businesses within the UK jumped on board from around 2014 and have continued to do so since. The UK still has the Boxing Day and January sales as well, so if you don’t get something this November, wait until then.

Although meant to be a one day only affair, Black Friday presales and after sales are common.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the following Monday after Black Friday. Online sales increase very dramatically! Given delivery times and the Christmas present list looming. So online businesses offer discounts. Many deals on this day are ‘online only.’

Plan Your IT Hardware Deals

As we said hardware deals are aplenty during the Black Friday sales. Though it pays to plan. Buying on a whim is exactly what the retailers are hoping you will do. An audit of your current equipment will highlight areas you need to fulfil and buy upgraded items. Don’t forget to include telephony and peripherals in your audit. At Cynetix we can assist you with this IT Audit and help you plan a shopping list.

Software Black Friday Deals

Just before Christmas is when the scammers and phishing is on the increase. So, it makes sense to shore up your IT defences with Antivirus and Malware subscriptions. You may find scammers using the Black Friday deals as a way of catching you, so be hyper aware. Around Black Friday there are deals on most software subscriptions. Here at Cynetix we can advice you on your overall IT security.

IT Support

Surprisingly, there are not as many Black Friday Deals in IT support services. However, we think we should start a trend. So, we are offering IT support at a discount. All you need to do to take advantage is to block book 12 hours, and you will only pay for 10 hours. You can use those hours as you need.

Hunt Around

Don’t take the first deal you see. Make sure to check out the competition and see if they have a better deal for you. Don’t be afraid to ask either, if you are buying goods or services around the sales season, you can be bold and ask if there is a deal.

Sales Season or Not, Cynetix are always competitive

If you want quality service at competitive pricing, then our services are ideal for you. Make sure to contact us for all your IT requirements.

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