IT Support - Stop getting your wires crossed!

Published: 8th March 2022

Today’s corporate world cannot work efficiently without IT equipment and software. It is when that IT fails that businesses grind to a halt. A quick fix can often be made if you have the right IT support.

Reasons for having a IT support package in place

As a safety net

Everybody needs someone to catch them when they fall, and the same goes for when your IT equipment fails, you need someone who knows what they are doing. Yes, you could fumble around the internet finding a solution via a blog or how-to website, but nothing beats having a friendly voice on the phone talking you through a fix. Saving you time and often money and letting you get back on track with your work.

Help you buy and setup IT equipment

Making the right purchase in the first place can save you headaches later. Especially if you are planning a network in your workplace and want everything to coordinate seamlessly. Setting up equipment usually means a bundle of cables and wires, which is far easier if you can hand it over to someone who knows what goes where and has you up and running quicker.

To keep you online

Keeping your online presence constant is vital, especially when your shop window is your website. While you website is not functioning, you could be missing sales and customers. Knowing that, should your website let you down, you can pick up the phone and have a calm voice talk you through the solutions is wonderful and stress relieving.

When software stops working

When you invest in software such as Microsoft 365, or bespoke programs it can be frustrating when it stops working the way it should, or your new employee needs help. Our in-house programming team can be at hand to look under the bonnet of your software and tweak it back into operating as it should.

How your IT Support should work for you

It is hard trying to run a business and take on all the tasks that that involves. No one is a master of all, and the best in business know that delegation is key. Having your own IT department is not cheap, and even when you do have one, there can be busy times. So, outsourcing to someone like ourselves is a great solution.

Use IT support as and when

You should be able to use the service whenever you need it. You shouldn’t need to wait long to get the support. The IT support should be as efficient as possible, getting the tasks and repairs done quickly and with minimum disruption.

Easy to follow and understand

IT support should be easy to understand, simple clear instructions on how to make changes to your IT equipment without jargon. You need a calm voice in the storm to guide you back. At Cynetix we pride ourselves in speaking plain English and dropping the geek and in-house jargon’ese. If you don’t follow what is said then that is not supporting you.

Flexible and at a price that suits

Your IT support should be covering the stuff you want covered and a flexible package that extends to cover more items as you need them and less as you stop needing them. Equally the price needs to be affordable, nothing is for free, but you shouldn’t have to pay over the odds for IT support you are not using.

IT support

IT support comes in many guises. Here at Cynetix we have a range of IT support packages and one of them is bound to suit your business. If you want to discuss any of these points further then please contact ourselves, we are always happy to chat.

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