Remote Working Solutions and Support

Support and Solutions for Remote Working

If you need to provide your staff with equipment to enable them to work efficiently remotely then you are in the right place.

Cynetix have been providing IT support and solutions for home and mobile working since the early 2000’s. We can set your office up for remote working, provide advice on internet connections and leased lines and assist with choosing the right cloud products for you.

If this sounds like something you need, get in touch and let’s see how we can help get you through this difficult time.

Cynetix - IT Support Services

IT Support for the Home and the Office

Cynetix offer support services to cover all of your requirements, whether it's in your office or at home. Are there big changes that you need to make to enable home working? If so, we can help. We can create a support contract for your specific needs and then help you get everything set up. If you just need help getting things going then our Ad-Hoc support may be just what you are looking for, you can use us as much or as little as you like and only pay for what you use.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Cynetix offer “one off” ad hoc IT support for most types of problems. If your current IT setup is stretched providing support for all your home workers then let us step in and fill the gap. If you like our services you can then arrange a more comprehensive Premier support package.

Website Support

With people unable to travel to your business your website is possibly your most important tool. It not only gives a point of access for your current customers, but also helps advertise you and your services to new clients. If that suddenly stops working or has been hacked and you are stuck without it, then your business will start to suffer. If this happens to you, or you wish to put us on retainer in case it happens in the future, then get in touch to discuss your requirements and what we can do for you.

Information on our web services can be found in the website section of this site.


Whether your staff are working from home, in the office, or a mix, you need a support partner you can trust to provide the same level of support to all your staff. With our Premier contracts you have access to support 24/7 - we are here to help you whatever the time of day it is or wherever you are in the world.

Programming Support

Custom programs that worked perfectly well in the office might suddenly be playing up or going very slow when working from home. Cynetix Programming Support can look at these problems for you, as well as any other requirements you have.

Read more about on our programming services.

Cynetix - Office 365

Remote Working Solutions

In addition to IT Support we offer many other IT solutions that help make working from home easy for you. From cloud backups to ensuring your IT System is secure, we have you covered.

Cloud Backup

Backups are one of the most important parts of any IT system. If you aren’t going to be in the office as much then you will need a system that can handle itself and add to your company’s resilience by being able to recover entire servers if required. If you are using Microsoft 365 as your email system; we can also setup a cloud backup solution to make sure your email is secure no matter what happens.


If you have recently purchased new computers and devices to enable your staff to work from home, then you need to make sure they are as protected as they can be. Cynetix can provide, manage and help you install a variety of antivirus and antimalware solutions. Get in touch and we can help you plan for what you need.


A phone system that can work just as well for your office workers as it does it for your home users is essential at the moment. When you factor in the ability to be able to leverage mobile devices and computers, you don't even need dedicated handsets and can quickly change the way your office works in the new normal. For those in the office, or who have an office setup at home, a proper desk phone can be setup to give you the same experience in or out of the office.

Salsys CRM

With multiple versions of Salsys CRM available, you have the option of having the software installed on your own hardware in the office or working remotely in the cloud with Salsys Cloud. As Salsys is a Cynetix product it can be configured and customised to your precise requirements and for a fraction of the price of our competitors.

IT Security

The confusion created with COVID has just given scammers and nefarious actors yet another way of trying to trick you out of money, or to gain access to your systems. Cynetix has found itself far busier over the last couple of years, with dealing with both prevention and tidying up after hacking attempts. Securing your company starts with getting an understanding of the weaknesses of your systems and procedures. Let Cynetix help advise and assist in hardening your systems, upgrading your software protection and providing you with the security you need.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers some great features for remote working. Not only does it make sure your Office software with the likes of Word, Excel and Outlook, are up to date; It also provides the ability to store and share files. On top of this, you can also run your entire company email system through it. If you need to purchase Microsoft 365 or wish to discuss how you can move your entire email system into the cloud, get in touch.


Working away from the office might be putting extreme strain on your Office internet connection. If you aren't able to install a faster internet connection, then moving your most speed sensitive systems to the cloud, or dedicated server hosting, may be the best choice. Cynetix has been working with dedicated servers with our datacentre partners for over a decade. So, if you need somewhere new to put your website, or internal system, then get in touch. Cynetix can even fully support your new server so you can sit back, relax and get back to work worry free.

Cynetix - Telephony Solutions

Additional Services and Solutions

Are you worried about leaving your premises unoccupied or perhaps now the place is empty you can finally get round to sorting your cabling and infrastructure. These are just a few of the additional services and solutions that we can offer to help you breeze through the pandemic.

Door Entry

If you have closed your office, or are on reduced staff or just wish to be able to monitor the door more easily and keep socially distanced - then a Grandstream door entry system is the ideal solution. Cynetix can supply, install and configure one of two door entry systems that can either operate as a standalone device, or be integrated into a compatible phone system. When there is someone at the door, you will receive a phone or a video call that allows you to see and speak to the person and remotely grant them access. If required you can even have an email sent to you detailing the door ring and with compatible units, a photo of the person ringing the bell.


With an empty, or partially empty office, now might be the ideal time to get those cabling and infrastructure projects underway. Cynetix can also advise and arrange for the installation of leased lines, giving your home or office internet connection a significant boost in performance. For offices relying on staff remotely connecting, a leased line can be the difference between functioning normally, or everything grinding to a halt.


You probably don't need much in the way of paper based and physical designs at the moment, but what turning your current designs digital?

Did you know Cynetix can digitise all your existing paper-based advertising, letter heads and even setup automatic branding of all of your PDF letters.

If you need something designing fresh then Cynetix offer an extensive range of design services, ranging from logo designs to full corporate design packages including websites and advertising.


If the changes to how you are now working has meant that you need new bespoke systems to help you get things done, then let Cynetix work with you to create the tools you need. Not sure what you want or if we can help you? Then get in touch.


If you no longer have a presence at your office you may need to keep a remote eye on the premises. Cynetix can offer and install Videcon CCTV; which can alert you when motion is detected and email you the images too. The system also benefits from the great feature of being able to connect via both mobile and computer, allowing you to keep an eye on things wherever you are.


With the increase of remote working it's possible your firewall is under strain. If your staff are being disconnected or having connection trouble then it might be time to upgrade your firewall. Cynetix can configure, supply, install and support a customisable Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance that brings together a host of services and functions designed to protect your network.


Things aren't easy at the moment; your business may well be working in a way it has never done before. If you need help in adapting your business to work efficiently in ‘the new normal’, then give us a call. We can visit your office, chat to your staff and investigate how you work. Cynetix have many years of experience in providing a high level of business consultancy in both the UK and around the world and we are here to help you get through this.

Web Design and Development

Is your website now acting as your shop front or the primary port of call for your customers? Have you suddenly found it's not doing what you need it to? The Cynetix Web team can refresh, rebuild or extend your current site; or if needs be, build you a brand new one. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will help advise you, regardless of whether your website was built by us or not. Our in house Programming and Design departments work hand in hand to produce both dedicated web applications with fast, efficient and usable interfaces as well as professionally designed, fully animated websites.

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