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Manage Your Supply Chain

Sage 200cloud is designed to help you manage every element of your supply chain with a sophisticated stock management system that is linked to your financial data.

Purchase Order Processing fully integrates with Stock Control, Purchase Ledger and Sales Order Processing; letting you know goods are available for your customer as soon as you receive them. You have full visibility of products and pricing, allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently to customer demands whether you are in or out of the office.

Ensure Business Doesn’t Stop Without You

Sage 200cloud allows you to apply authorisation limits and alerts to help keep orders moving when you are busy. You can easily raise purchase requisitions, authorise and generate orders online, ensuring your business is always on.

Source Goods Worldwide

With purchasing available in up to 100 different currencies you can source your goods worldwide. View individual costs and overall order costs associated with importing goods on a purchase order.

Create Order Lists Based on Purchase Orders

Save yourself time when creating manual purchase orders. Sage 200cloud can compile lists of what you should order based on shortfall and what you need for back-to-back orders, allowing you to then decide who to buy from.

See the Full Story of an Order

Sage 200cloud supports complex supply and delivery models allowing you to select different delivery addresses per order line, specify different delivery addresses to one supplier and see price negotiation data – helpful information that helps orders run smoothly.

You can easily reject unexpected or incorrect deliveries, which highlights any discrepancies with invoices and allows for costs that are already committed.

Keep a Running Total

Sage 200cloud calculates a running total when you are matching invoice line items to orders, making it easy for you to spot errors as you go.

Record Dispute

Flag invoices that are ‘under dispute’ and they won’t be updated to the Purchase Ledger until the dispute has been resolved.

Sage helps you manage your supply chain

Manage Your Stock

Sage 200cloud provides you with a complete inventory and warehouse management solution, helping you optimise stock levels, reduce costs and deliver what your customers want.

Control Your Stock

Access your stock records with ease, view stock levels at each location, pricing and supplier details.

Full traceability allows you to see where your products came from, where they are now, when they were sold and at what price.

Use serial or batch numbers to control your stock items, use criteria such as ‘sell-by’ and ‘use-by’ dates or enter your own specific criteria.

Sage 200c allows different units of measure, for example you may buy stock by the pallet, store by the box but sell as individual units, each.

Manage Your Business Across Multiple Locations

If your business has more than one location you can independently manage each location for things such as sales, reporting, replenishment and also stock takes. You can easily realign stock levels and account for extra costs such as customs duties allowing you to gain a complete view of all the stock help in your business.

Track Your Stock

Keep track of your stock. You can flag inactive stock items, this prevents you from reordering them but still allows you to view their full history; helping you run your business efficiently and control your budget.

When dealing with customers over the phone you can quickly find stock items by searching by name or reference number

Manage Your Suppliers

Keep track of your suppliers with records of price history, lead time, part reference and purchase history for your stock items. This is useful for comparing suppliers and ensuring you are getting the best deal.

Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency and Enhance Customer Service

Ship directly to your customer from your supplier saving time from order to shipment. Allocate stock to priority customers as soon as you receive the order giving you the freedom to prioritise your most valued customers and more importantly keep them happy.

40% Productivity increase From streamlining processes

Manage Your Sales Orders

Have complete control over your sales order process with Sage 200cloud.

You don’t have to be in the office to make an informed business decision. Completely customisable and easy to access in the cloud via a browser, you are able to produce sales orders, purchase requisitions, view dashboards and reports and much more whilst on the move. Allowing you to enhance your productivity and make the most of your valued time.

Match Stock to Customers' Needs

When entering a sales order search for stock that meets your customers needs. You can also create tailored invoice layouts specifically for a customer.

Easily Create New Quotes and Accounts

With existing templates you can quickly create sales orders and accounts for new customers. Raise pro-forma invoices and simply convert them to a sales order.

Rapid Order Entry

For orders with standard pricing and delivery addresses you can enter your orders in just a few keystrokes, speedily getting goods on their way.

Manage Stock and Sales

With sales order processing linked to your stock price book and sales ledger you can handle pricing and credit control efficiently. Once orders are processed all of the relevant information is updated; including stock records, customer balances, VAT return and management reports.

Multiple Currencies and Exchange Rates

You have control over the exchange rates and can apply them at either order entry or invoice stage, enabling you to manage the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.

Select Simple or Complex Pricing

Easily apply discounts, promotions or price band schemes to multiple customers, you can even use multiple currencies. There are unlimited price bands for each stock item and it is easy to maintain and understand prices by units of measure (e.g. pallet, box, each) which you can adapt to your business.

Sage 200cloud is also capable of validating your pricing schemes ensuring you maintain sensible margins.

Manage Discounts and Margins

Provide authorised staff with the tools to negotiate on prices. See any changes to cost pricing, view the profit on any item and trace discounts over time.

Maintain Profit

Analyse products down to customer or supplier levels, viewing profitability month by month.

Flexible Ordering

You also have the option for full order entry, allowing you to add more information such as discounts and non-stock items.

Another available option is trade counter entry where you can create an order, allocate & despatch stock and print an invoice all in one process.

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