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Exceptional Reporting with Detailed Analysis

Sage 200cloud reporting uses Excel, which is fully customisable, it allows you to filter, format and formulate reports within a single click. You are able to add your own data, charts and formulas into workbooks which can easily be uploaded in just one click. Sage 200cloud is designed to make it as easy as possible to get updates on your business data and have a deeper level of analysis when required. Reporting is simple to use, meaning you can access the information that you need in a format that you are familiar with.

Free Excel Workbooks
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Optional Top Ups
Free Excel Workbooks
  • Nominal accounts (balances and transactions)
  • Customer accounts
  • Supplier accounts
  • Stock records
  • Assets and liability reporting
  • Revenue and cost reporting
Optional Reports Available When You Subscribe to Excel Reporting
  • Nominal waiting postings
  • Nominal help journals
  • Nominal archived transactions
  • VAT transactions
  • Supplier transactions
  • Supplier batched transactions
  • Supplier suggested payment
  • Supplier turnover by period
  • Supplier archived transactions
  • Customer transactions
  • Customer batched transactions
  • Customer reversed charge VAT transactions
  • Customer turnover by period
  • Customer archived transactions
  • Cashbook transactions
  • Stock transactions
Optional Top Ups
Excel Report Packs that you can choose to add if required:
  • Stock pack – reports covering stock allocations, stock period values, stock cost history, movements and much more
  • Financial data layouts pack – includes trial balance, revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities

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