Detection, Identification and Protection

The reasons behind using CCTV are wide and varied, for business the reasons usually come down to detection, identification and protection.
Choosing the right solution for your CCTV needs can be daunting. Let Cynetix take the stress out of the equation – our specialist engineers can visit and survey the proposed plan and offer our expert advice.

Why Detection?

Detection is vital to any CCTV system, the detection occurs when a target enters a predefined area and is ‘detected’. Detection can be made by either a dedicated movement senor, by changes within the video frame, by temperature or some other defining feature.

How do We Identify?

In order to provide useful CCTV images the cameras and system need to be calibrated to provide identifiable pictures of the subject in question. This is needed legally to be used in court as a means to identify a potential criminal. Many criminal cases in the past have been thrown out due to lack of clear CCTV evidence and that usually is because the cameras are not set to identify the perpetrator (within defined legal parameters). If this is a requirement, we can help you choose the right equipment, the right location to achieve the right results. CCTV cameras can also be used to identify cars and regular movements of vehicles in and out of compounds. It can even be used to identify areas where no one goes or areas of high traffic and movement for example in a shopping environment.


Having a fully working and calibrated CCTV system is there for your protection, whether it is protecting a loading bay, a back door or your whole internal office. These measures are to ensure your staff and colleagues are safe and are capable of detecting problems and identifying perpetrators and vitally - RECORDING the evidence.

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