Support Contracts - What Level Suits You?

Published: 30th June 2022

Have you ever considered how much IT support you need? We are going to discuss the different levels of IT support contract and help you decide what the appropriate level of support your situation requires.

If you are unsure why you need IT support, our previous blog, IT Support-Stop, is getting your wires crossed! will help you.

Ad Hoc or PAYG

This dip in and out of the type of service suits those who don’t need a high level of support. It is more expensive per hour, but with no contract, you are not paying for a service you don’t need. You are probably a sole trader or micro company with less than five PCs or laptops. You will be assured that should you need assistance, we can help you, and once the problem is fixed, you can continue working without ongoing IT costs. You could also use this level of service for those times when a member of your IT department is away or off sick. Plus, this scheme allows you to block book hours of IT support services.

Premier Support Contracts

If your business relies on IT and you will start to lose money if your systems are down for more than a few days or even hours, then you require more dedicated support in place. Luckily we have just the answer for you. Our premier IT support contracts are an ongoing service with 3 levels of service, basic, standard and pro.

Basic IT Support Contract

A basic premier contract will give you that discounted engineer per hour, as a saving on the ad hoc. You will also get a guaranteed response time, knowing the timescales for repairs, allowing you to use backup systems. As we also have a twice-yearly network review in the basic contract, we can often spot potential problems before they arise. Service Desk Support is unlimited between 8 am and 5:30 pm; email support is also available at this level.

Moving On Up To Standard

Obviously, upgrading to the standard level gives you more options. Backup administration is excellent for those that need to be back up and running without losing precious data. Unlimited remote support is helpful for not only your main site but also those staff members working from home. Add the belt and braces of a security management and disaster recovery plan, and you can be assured of being protected if your IT fails or comes under attack.

Hitting the Top-Level - Pro IT Support

Now you are talking hand-in-hand IT support contracts. We have desk support for you throughout the week and round the clock! We enter a service level agreement with you and provide network management and service. Any IT headaches and we are a call away. Your onsite engineer visits are scheduled and discounted over the Basic and Standard. We can look after your software, even if it is not our bespoke software developed for your business. Concentrate on your business with complete email, security, ISP, and server support. Knowing that should IT fail you, we will be there to get you back up and running ASAP.

Popular add-ons to your support contract

You can tailor your IT support package too. We have a wide array of add-on services. These can be added at any level, so you can pick and mix your IT support contract to suit your particular IT needs. Nowadays, Web support and website backups are almost essential. As your website is your shop front. Incidentally if you’d like a website built for you, we can do that.

Cloud service and back-ups are great addons for those wanting off-site backups and storing data quantities. Add a full disaster recovery, and you will have all your data secure even after the event. We can support Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud services too.

With people working remotely and many meetings being held online, adding video conferencing support will mean less drama getting hardware to work. If keeping your telephone system live is essential, adding this to a support contract will ensure customers and suppliers can contact you.

Security is one area people often neglect when it comes to IT support. We have security and surveillance monitoring along with proactive monitoring. These two services can ensure threats are headed off before they damage your IT equipment, breach your data or ruin your reputation.

Talk to us.

We can guide you in making your choice of IT support contracts. Building a good relationship with you is important to us. Schedule a chat or meeting to discuss your particular requirements today.

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