Sage - CRM

Manage Your Customer Relationships

Sage 200cloud provides a CRM module that can help you manage your customer relationships and provide the highest service and support quality.

Sage CRM Introduction

An Informed Customer View

Sage 200cloud combines financial and commercial information with customer data so that everyone in your business gets a complete picture of the service you offer.

For example, a customer services team can view contacts, leads, opportunities or cases all in the same place; giving them accurate and up-to-date information to help them provide consistent and excellent customer service.

Manage Customer Services

Sage 200cloud can help you respond quickly to customer enquiries and track communications with a unified customer view. If there is a question or issue that is not followed up, a Customer Services Manager can be automatically notified by the system to ensure that nothing gets lost between the cracks.

Customer records in Sage 200cloud can be added to CRM by regular synchronisation. Where you can then manage your relationships, from lead and opportunity tracking to e-marketing via partners like Mailchimp or Swiftpage.

Customer Service Performance Monitoring

Sage 200cloud helps you measure customer service levels with detailed reports which can show call volumes, case resolution times, communications and follow up statistics.

You can show your customers how you perform with easy to understand graphical and visual reports against service level agreements.

Establish Strong Customer Relationships

Maintain a view of your customer information, including information on financial, commercial and communications. Providing the same view of the customer to everyone in your business, helping all your teams provide consistent and effective customer service.

Quickly Find Answers

Within Sage 200cloud you can build a central knowledge bank containing answers to known issues or questions, so your customer services team can quickly find the information the customer needs.

Insight Driven Sales Management

Sales business accelerators provide strong insight to optimise sales performance including:

  • Management dashboards showing a range of KPIs, charts, reports and leaderboards to better understand and analyse trends
  • Preconfigured alerts and notifications help ensure management are getting realtime updates on their business KPIs as they happen

Workflows for sales that can be optimised to meet your unique business needs. These include shorter sales cycle workflows as well as longer sales and cross-selling processes.

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